Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arrival on May 12th,2010.

May 12th the both red headed woodpeckers arrived together. This is the male I believe. I did not get them together. The were very flighty and did not stay around long. This was a different pair than the last few years. I believe it to be one of my original pairs siblings from 2 years ago. It was here last year but kept it's distance from it's parents when they were nesting. Although they never seemed to mind it at the feeders when they were here. This pair did not stay long and I did not get the opportunity to photograph them as I did the last pair. The original pair never did show up for whatever reason. After having them for so many years it was sad without them here this summer.
I never did see the new young red headed woodpeckers at my feeders. It seems they picked a newer territory to feed in this year. Parent was here and fed them here but they did not come in themselves.

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