Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Headed Woodpeckers,May,15th 2011

May 15th,the pair of woodpeckers were in my yard. Both at the same time which is unusual as far as getting them close enough to actually get a photo. So this was a very good day with the pair.
As you can see by the one photo of it up in the tree. It was a cool day. Feathers were all fluffed up. Probably wishing it was still south. This has been a late spring and weather is up and down like a yo-yo tempurature wise. Very unsettling for the birds who are arriving back and also for the birds already nesting.

Red Headed Woodpeckers,May,15th 2011

Red Headed Woodpeckers May 15th 2011

Today the red headeds were here quite a bit. Still calling and chasing. Came to peanuts feeder through the day and were both in the feer area in the backyard habitat together. They were on the ground eating seeds and one was on the shelter cover checking out it's mate below. They stayed there for a while before flying off.

2011 Red Headed Report Begins.

I was starting to get a bit concerned about thered headed woodpeckers. They ahd not arrived back. Then on the morning of May,11th. I heard that familiar calling. There back. Both have arrived together like last year. They are calling,chasing each other. Was a wonderful sound to my ears. They came to the peanuts a bit and were very busy. There 2011 journey has begun. Lookin good!!