Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red Headed Family from 2009.

My son Jeff & l were able to monitor a red headed woodpecker pair here on the point.l have tried to put together some photos from last years red headed woodpecker family. l was able to monitor this pair right from their arrival to the migration south. They nested in a tree on property that l knew the owners and was able to watch the whole thing. l timed it perfectly to the end. Got one fledgling coming out. Missed the other two. But l calculated 3 young and 3 young there were. The male arrived back on April 28th last year. Very early. Female arrived on April 29th. The pair reunited immediately and got to work on the nest that same week. Female rejected first nest built. On the wrong side of the tree. But the male then built on the other side ( facing west ) And the female moved in. l caught them mating and moving in and watched the whole process. It was so amazing. l had 2 occasions that l was there that starling tried to take over. But lost the battle. Once the young were in the nest and l watched with horror. The young were thinking food had arrived and it was starlings trying to take them out. Luckily they were old enough at that point that they were quite boisterous and were almost attacking the starlings for food. Making them back away and then the parent arrived and took over. Although the photos are not in correct order as l had hoped. l got as may as l could find in here. l have so many more. And hope to continue soon to complete the sight. This year l am very disappointed. My woodpeckers arrived late here on May 12th. They were here for a week,calling,chasing,and the male drumming at a fresh nest hole made by the red bellied woodpeckers this year. Starling were to dominate and chased them off. But then they have moved on. l hear them once in a while around the point. But have not been able to positively identify were they are. The last time l heard them was on May 26th over in the Big Bay Point Resort area. They were doing the courting calls. Due to development of the marina area. l can not go in there. There have been hundreds or more trees removed from there this spring. And l have seen a huge difference in the birds. People are taking big trees down at a rate that makes me sick. And always in breeding times. We need to have laws to protect the migratory birds nesting sites. And tree removal should only be allowed during the winter months. Unless of coarse they are a threat. Dead trees taken down should always have at least 20-30 feet left for the woodpeckers. Habitat is disappearing way to fast and the birds are disappearing with it. We all knew this resort or mega resort as they call it would have a devastating effect on the wildlife. and it is proving correct. The trees are not complete yet. Come fall hundred more are gone. Habitat for birds and animals with it. It just makes us all sick!!

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