Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fledging young. July 4/2009

It's out. (now what do I do.) l am not sure if this was the first or last to fledge. I was en route to Six Mile. But we had to stop off here as I knew they were ready to fledge according to dates. And sure enough. We at least got one fledgling after all this time spent monitoring this nest. Needless to say , Jeff & l were late for Six Mile. But for a good reason. We were happy. Fledged red headed disappeared into the woods. Could here it calling. But no parents in sight. But we had to move on. l am thinking this is the last to fledge. l know we heard 3 in the nest. And so far everything has gone according to schedule. Amazing.
This little one was so ready to come out. But so nervous as well. Parents were off getting food and it kept going in and out. Every time getting a little further.
A nice tasty meal being specially delivered.
Looks like it is smiling at the new world it is about to enter.
PArent feeding you which are now getting pretty big a soon to fledge.

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